Merilyn Steele

An organic blend of roots, country rock/blues and modern bluegrass from an infectious and inspiring personality. Intelligent lyrics, killer hooks and memorable melodies only begin to describe her latest release. Bring It Back is her third studio album and was produced and mixed under the helm of Matt Fell and Michael Carpenter after the success of her previous album, Extraordinary Daze. The title song and first single opens to take you on a journey back to the retro era of growing up with vinyl records, childhood memories and simpler times.

This mini vinyl (yes even the CD looks like a mini vinyl record - and sounds like it too!) opens with the title song about bringing back a lot of the good things we had growing up that most kids don't have today. It celebrates friendships of that era (Best Friends Forever), love gone wrong (Wedding Ring), love gone mad (Love Is (A State of Madness)) and a remake of Maria Muldaur's song from the 70's, 'Honey Babe Blues' which is a lively stompin' bluegrass number.

There's a sweetly positive tribute to her father (to whom the album is dedicated) in 'Hey Dad' and the eternal question of whether there is anything on 'The Other Side' and if the grass truly is greener!

Other songs are just plain fun like the rousing rockabilly crowd favourite of 'Millionaire' and let's face it, who doesn't want to be one? Probably the most reflective and soul searching song is 'I Want You To Know', with distinct influences of Alanis Morisette evident here, the artist being one of Steele's strong musical influences. Fast forward into the current pace of life today in 'Whirlwind', a rousing bluegrass number sure to get you slapping your knees!

The album comes full circle with the reprise of 'Bring It Back' in an acoustic version that sounds like it was recorded at the local watering hole with a room of fans singing along. You got it right! Close your eyes and you'll be there, sing along and feel the vibe right up until that finishing vinyl scratch and hiss.....till that needle lifts off the record.

Sydney born and bred, it's hard to figure where Merilyn's influence to be a singer/songwriter came from. Although both her Mum and Grandmother played piano, it was mostly for a hobby. It was Merilyn's Dad who bought her first guitar when she was just 12 and began taking her to music lessons. From there her love for music developed. The mandolin is her latest muse and Merilyn is already incorporating this instrument into her shows and recordings and is learning about bluegrass style music and its roots.

Growing up her musical tastes were influenced by her parents who were fans of Johnny Cash, Barbra Streisand, The Seekers and Dolly Parton. Today her influences are more contemporary and include Kasey Chambers, Powderfinger, Alanis Morisette, Bonnie Raitt and Lady Antebellum. Merilyn has a driving passion for her music and a craving to perform. Particularly, she loves the feedback and buzz she gets from a live audience. An experienced performer, she has worked successfully for many years with her duo around Sydney, the east coast and festivals. She has now formed her own band to enable her to showcase her songs and talents and is eager to tour the country and share her songs with audiences throughout Australia and beyond.

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Bring It Back - 2013

Extraordinary Days