Blues Pirates

So this Aussie, this Pom and this Yank walk into a bar..... Bartender says, is this some kind of joke??.....

Welcome aboard the vessel known across the seven seas as The Blues Pirates. This acoustic 'World Blues' outfit has been wowing audiences from the smallest pubs to the likes of the Enmore Theatre.

Guitarist / Vocalist Chris Turner needs no introduction to blues fans as his previous bands Buffalo and Rose Tattoo have achieved legendary status around the world. Stepping aside from his popular roots rock band The Wolftones, Chris brings a level of class, professionalism and experience virtually unparalleled.

Guitarist / Vocalist Cletis Carr arrived on Aussie shores some twenty years ago from the States. From his 70’s rock band Sneakers (who were presented with a Gold record for their debut album) to short stints with Chuck Berry and John Mellencamp, Cletis toured the US and Europe before heading across the pond to play with the Lucy DeSoto Band, Chris Turner’s Big Rock Band, Hillbilly Moon (with Paul Norton and Peter Wells) and the Bondi Cigars for their first tour.

These boys are no slouches, which is evident in their music. Drawing on the roots of blues, folk, country and early rock n roll, The Blues Pirates combine classic tunes such as Further On Up The Road and Watch Your Step with quality originals such as Turner’s Rookwood Blues and Carr’s I’m In Trouble. They even include an acoustic version of the Rose Tattoo classic, Bad Boy For Love as a homage to their dear friend, the late Peter Wells.

This is 'World Blues' at it's best and is best summed up by the acts' motto:- 'Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue'

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Blues Pirates - 2008